Power of Solar Energy

Check this video on what Germany has achieved and to what extent technologies in Solar energy have been improving

Solar Energy : Japans plan , India should learn

Japan plans to go Solar , thinks of making it a rule for all new homes & building to be solar equipped

India needs to think about this , this might end our energy crisis & dependency on coal & hydro electricity and effectively use vast solar energy which is in abundance in India at most times of the year. It would be great to see our villages have continuous electricity and not at the mercy of state electricity boards, this could as well improve agriculture output.

Microsoft offers free Microsoft Security Essentials for SME

Microsoft is now planning to offer its free Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) antivirus/antimalware software to small businesses.

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Personal Financial Planning for we Indians

Hi, I will start sharing my personal experiences on Personal Financial planning & what options we have in India. The information provided is my own findings reading many books, sites, blogs & magazines. I feel most of these sources provide biased opinion or give too much information or the information is cryptic for a common man (aam aadmi). 

I will share what I know & my own experiences. Will start a series & will publish on a monthly basis.